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Inside Job

In my last post, I showed you my favorite pictures from the Tax Day Tea Party event. This is my favorite person I met there. He was sitting off in the corner, near the park entrance, with his big sign: 9/11 Was An Inside Job.

Vegas Tea Party

Way back on Tax Day, I attended a Tea Party event at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. When I posted about it at the time, I included snapshots I took with my point-and-shoot digital camera. I also had a film camera with me, and I’m now developing my film, so it’s time for more Tea Party fun.

I Always Knew I’d Make It To Hollywood

They don’t make movies in Hollywood any more. The place is sort of seedy now; it’s not as clean as New York and doesn’t feel as safe. I was solicited by hookers and approached by vagrants in the short time I was there—but there were tourists, too, enough of Hollywood’s history still visible to attract them.

Tax Day Teabagging

It’s Tax Day here in the US, and the Teabaggers marked the occasion by having a moronathon at Sunset Park in Las Vegas. Having only seen these things on television, I decided to attend.