Visited States Map Generator

The Visited States Map shows off your road travels through the USA and Canada. Whether you’re an RVer or a road-tripper, show us where you’ve been!

My map is color-coded according to how much time I’ve spent in each state. Other map generators can overstate the case; sure, I’ve been to Minnesota, but I didn’t even stop for gas, so how can I fill it in the same as someplace I’ve been many times for weeks at a stretch? The states are given one of four colors:

Red means I’ve just passed through, maybe seen a thing or two.

Amber means I’ve at least slept there and seen a few things. I have a first-hand idea of what the state is like.

Blue means I’ve spent a good amount of time in that state.

Green means I’ve spent a lot of time in that state, weeks at at time on multiple visits—or lived there.

Or, choose to color your map with shades of blue, shades of green, or shades of red and blue.

You can click directly on the map to set colors for the states or provinces. This is awkward on a phone, though, so there is a form with buttons for each state and province as well. Yeah, I know this stuff is outdated in terms of today’s web technology. The first version of the map generator was a CGI script! Remember those?

You can make a map of just the USA, just Canada, or both. The Canadian map was made possible by Evan at Evan sponsored development and created a great Canadian vector map.

The Visited States Map Generator is also available as an iOS app. It includes the ability to save and load maps, and share directly to social media, text messages, or email. It’s available on the App Store for free—no ads, no in-app purchases.

Enjoy! You can contact me at [use Javascript to unredact email address] .

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