Tax Day Teabagging

It’s Tax Day here in the US, and the Teabaggers marked the occasion by having a moronathon at Sunset Park in Las Vegas.

Having only seen these things on television, I decided to attend. I went in undercover, meaning I didn’t tell anyone I’m not stupid. Too late, I realized I was wearing a T-shirt from Yellowstone, that government-run socialist dystopia, and it might give me away. But, among the crowd demanding that the government stay out of Medicare, I decided it was actually perfect: if anyone remarked on it I could say that I wanted the government to keep its filthy hands off our National Parks. I would fit right in.

I don’t know the tricks of crowd estimation, but if I had to guess I’d say there were maybe a thousand people gathered. It almost could have been a Klan rally: I saw three non-white faces. There were a lot of people there trying to run for various government offices, at both the state and federal level, pandering to the crowd.

The sign says: jail me for no health care?

As you would expect, misinformation abounded. I spoke to this fellow for quite a while: very nice guy, sincerely, but he’s got a sign that says “Jail me for no health care? Change it back!” And, speaking to him, he is very riled up about the notion that people will be sent to jail if they refuse to buy health insurance—which, of course, is complete nonsense. He’s getting mad about something that has no truth to it whatsoever.

He also said that he’s registered to vote as a Democrat because, when “they” start coming around to collect up all the guns, they will start with Republicans, giving him a heads-up so he can take to the hills. As if “they“ didn’t think of that, too.

The sign says: 16,500 more IRS agents

Meanwhile, this guy has bought the lie that the IRS will need sixteen-thousand five-hundred new agents to enforce the health care individual mandate. This, of course, is hogwash, invented by someone who wants to fool people like him.

Read the bill, people:

In the case of any failure by a taxpayer to timely pay any penalty imposed by this section, such taxpayer shall not be subject to any criminal prosecution or penalty with respect to such failure.

Is it really that damned difficult?

The sign says: Obama, Reid, Pelosi, 3 of a kind, loosers

Obama, Reid, Pelosi, 3 of a kind: People who know English.

The guy even decorated the double O, so he was looking at it for a while. What a loser.

People with signs on the roadside

People with signs lined up on the side of the (busy) street, encouraging passing drivers to honk their support. An alarming number of them did.

Fox 5 News doing an interview

Fox was on the scene, naturally.

The sign says: Love, not war

“Love, Not War.” I wonder if they realize that’s a well-known leftist slogan?

Who am I kidding? They called themselves “teabaggers,” for crying out loud.

All the handouts I collected

When you park at one of these things, people will leave all manner of goodies on your car. If you live in Nevada, these should give you a good idea of whom not to vote for.

Also included are two DVDs in one little sleeve. Almost a box set! The first is called “The Obama Deception,” and I can’t wait to watch it. The second is more mysteriously entitled “For Liberty.”

I took a lot more pictures with film, coming in another post.